Hello Autokin

Making automation testing simple and easy.

Current: v1.15.4

Autokin is a simple tool that helps testers build test automation with less or zero coding skills required. Leverage the power of Gherkin and write English-like scripts.

This is a simple package/library that helps tester to do automation of REST/API using Gherkin without knowing JavaScript coding. All you need to know is Gherkin and you can start working and creating automated test for contract testing, or simple API test.

Mobile testing through Appium introduced starting in v1.9.0. Basic connection, navigation, and interaction are added to perform series of test on mobile applications. See documentation for more detailed steps.

Introduced in v1.8.0, Autokin now supports web based automation using Puppeteer. You may now create Gherkin based test that targets browser application.

One of the simplest item that we do not want to missed is to break contract of front end apps to our service apps. To make sure that we can detect this easy and early on we want the following:

  • Validate each endpoints response schema.

  • Validate possible response data.

  • Validate data fetch with authentications.

  • Enable chaining of multiple endpoint calls.

  • Validate HTTP status code and header data.

  • Ability to drive test using data.

  • Supports data generation for inputs.

  • Easy to write and not too technical.

  • Easy to integrate with CI/CD environment.

  • Supported with generated test reports.

If these are something you need then Autokin can help you on that. Explore!

What's New

  • Ability to perform test om Mobile application through Appium server

  • Ability to perform test on Web application using Puppeteer

  • Ability to test response JSON Data against JSON Schema (https://json-schema.org/). See example.

  • Allow predefined variable set that can be loaded use within features

  • Autokin Generators: Ability to generate data randomly or based on certain list

Visual Code Extension

Download accompanied VSCode extension for easy writing of scenarios. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=ariesbe.autokin-vscode#overview

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